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Designing joy in every pixel,

Designing joy in every pixel,

one project, one smile at a time!

one project, one smile at a time!

  • Exceeds Expectations!

    Collaborating with Shourya on various product features has consistently been a positive experience, as he consistently exceeds expectations. Shourya has become our go-to person for staying informed about the latest updates in design and product trends. Instead of delving into further details, I'll let his work speak for itself. I wish Shourya the very best in his upcoming journey as a product designer. Cheers!


    Founding Designer,

  • Most Creative Designer!

    Shourya is one of the most creative product designer I've ever worked with. He is not afraid to think outside the status quo and existing constraints of a product, and always come up with novel ways to solve challenging problems. On top of that, Shourya is very open to feedback and highly curious with other fields such as marketing, sales, and content, making him a well-rounded designer your team needs to take your product to the next level.


    CEO, Castro Podcast

  • Balances Creativity with Practicality

    Shourya's ability to translate complex concepts into user-friendly designs is outstanding. He consistently delivered high-quality work, balancing creativity with practicality, and always meeting our standards and deadlines.


    Partner, Tiny

  • Great Attention to Detail

    Shourya has keen product thinking and thoughtful design decisions make him an invaluable asset. Shourya's adaptability and attention to detail truly set him apart. A great collaborator who consistently delivers outstanding results.


    Lead UX Designer, PhonePe